Support the Blind Pastor

Chronicles of the Blind Pastor

  1. Name: Rev. Dan Katabo
  2. Age: 66
  3. Marital Status: He is married with 5 children.
  4. Pastoral Work: He accepted the Lord Jesus as Lord in 1983. Pastor Dan started a fellowship, All Christians Fellowship, in 1985 with brethren from all denominations in Kofi Kwei. The urge to convert the people of Kofi Kwei and its environs led him to train for the Pastoral work at Covenant Message Ministry from 2000 -2002. ACF later affiliated with the New Life Revival Ministry in Accra. This move did not go well with a lot of the members who felt ACF should be and remain autonomous. It was at this point that members with Roman Catholic and Apostolic background went back to their mother churches—the remnants thus formed the current congregation.
  5. Health Condition: Pastor Dan was diagnosed as glaucoma patient in 2000 and he became totally blind in 2005.
  6. Current Situation: Initially church members were providing support in his wife’s farm but the support could not be sustained. Currently Pastor Dan is totally dependent on the wife – taking his errands, providing meals for the family as well as paying school fees for the kids. No help comes from anywhere.
  7. Current Church Situation: Pastor Dan has no assistant and continues to provide pastoral services just as his able-bodied counterparts do and even beyond. His latest addition is the establishment of a Prayer Camp for deliverance services – strange, isn’t it? That is Pastor Dan for you. In the midst of all these his church building is suffering physical deterioration. The concern is that the fact that the very weak financial strength of the church members to support church work coupled with the pastor’s disability is hindering evangelistic work in the community. OFCI out of her inadequate resources does provide evangelistic support from time to time but this is not only irregular but also insufficient.
  8. Your Role: You cannot ignore an appeal to help Pastor Dan financially and or materially. He still has children in school who are being sustained by grace. Would you not mind blessing him with your widow’s mite? Remember and be guided by Jesus’ statement in Matt 25:40 “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’
  • Should you be touched to help Pastor Dan, OFCI is ready to help you.

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