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 The Vulnerable, Orphans and Aged Support (VOAS) is one of the Human Development Programmes through which OFCI seeks to improve the quality of life of needy children in deprived communities. 

The VOAS package has the objective to:

  1. Identify needy children in deprived communities.
  2. Provide needy children in deprived communities with:

(a) Material needs (school uniform, school bag, school sandals, etc).
(b) Financial support (payment of Parents-Teachers Association dues,   subsistence allowance, etc).
(c) Health care (through the National Health Insurance Scheme).

Currently, with the assistance of District Education Officers, OFCI has documented one thousand five hundred and seventy-eight (1578) children in five districts who are in urgent need of assistance to survive and to continue to attend school. These pupils are made up of Orphans, Physically Challenged as well as those of Single Parentage and those living with their biological parents who are themselves impoverished.

Categorization of needy children by District

# Location Total %
1. Ga West Municipal Assembly 882 55.89
2. Akatsi (North & South) District Assemblies 250 15.85
3. South Tongu District Assembly 211 13.37
4. Asuogyaman District Assembly 235 14.89
TOTAL 1578 100

This is an enormous task but with the Lord on our side and with your support we shall overcome. A support of a dollar a day can change a child’s life forever. A support of just $30 a month is enough to change a poor child’s life to one of hope and meaning. By the mercies of God give a boy or girl in need educational opportunities, improved health care and bright future.

You have the option to select a child of your preference or empower OFCI to select one of your preferred sex and or age. We will mail you your child’s photo, personal profile and a child sponsorship packet within a fortnight.

The VOAS scheme requires an environment of utmost financial accountability and integrity which OFCI promises to uphold. We know how confident you’ll be; knowing that you are dealing with a trustworthy charity. We’re dedicated to being good stewards of the gifts that are entrusted to us by our faithful donors. We will also fulfill our obligation to carry out our mission and send you an update of our operations and The Testimony of God magazine.

  • Select a Needy Child TODAY by the picture number.

Select a Needy Child TODAY by the picture number.