Human Development Programme (HDP)

The main trust of the HDP is to provide varied services that would bring about relief measures to human suffering, address root causes of poverty, oppression and exclusion and also empower communities and their members to be assertive and responsible individuals in society. Under HDP the following activities are undertaken:

Vulnerable, Orphans and Aged Support (VOAS)

VOAS aims at providing material and financial relief to the marginalized, the aged and the poor as a show of love and assurance of hope. VOAS also offers sponsored financial and material support for needy children who cannot afford basic education because of deep rooted abject poverty.

  1. Appropriate Technology Transfer is a strategic project designed with the following objectives:-
  • To reduce level of poverty through the promotion of appropriate technology transfer in order to make the vulnerable financially independent.
  • To empower especially women in Bee keeping to improve their income levels, be assertive and responsible individuals in society.